Statement on Instagram | August 18th, 2017

Dear fans, followers and people in general, after two years and nine months here, I leave Instagram. This is a thoughtful and definitive decision. I need to focus me both personal and professional level, and Instagram is a constant source of distraction. My musical project has been adrift in recent times and I have to concentrate again and focus my attention on the achievement of my goals, and that for me is achieved not using Instagram. I started using Instagram because most people I knew used it, but it is a place that does not correspond to my values: as that we all contribute together to a better world; instead I think that the self benefit is reinforced and a current of competitiveness is generated to see who makes the best publication. I do not want that future for me or for next generations.That is one of many reasons why I leave here, but perhaps the most important. Many thanks to all those who during the passage through this platform have shown their love for me and my project, I will always be grateful. I still believe in my project and in my future, so, you can continue to keep informed on my website and follow me on the usual Internet sites. My Instagram profile will not be deleted as a sign of respect for your affection. A hug to everyone.